Adventurous, ambitious and vivacious, Tasheka is a savvy business woman ready to take the world by storm. Emigrating from the beautiful island of Jamaica at the tender age of twelve, this island beauty was determined to make a transition into a prosperous future.

A fan of flowers and their unique scents, Tasheka was a lover and collector of all fragrances from her youth. A scent can either appeal or repel those within our surroundings; fascinated by this Tasheka began to craft her own blends of smells together.

Through education, dedication and support from her loved ones Tasheka crafted her signature scent. With her love for the outdoors as well as the natural fragrances that nature provides, Tasheka has passionately designed her God inspired perfume line. Her vision was simple; it was pure, clean, vibrant and perfect. This is only the beginning of the success of Tasheka Fragrance. Her vision is Crystal Clear.                

                                   Enjoy Clear by Tasheka

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